10 Features & Benefits

The MPI® Secure Compound Interest Account™: 10 features and benefits working in sync to generate accelerated, compound growth while protecting your hard-earned money. When these features work in unison, not only do they provide security to your hard-earned money but also accelerated Compound growth. Each feature plays an essential role in producing the best available financial plan.

MPI® is permanent life insurance, meaning it has no expiration date. Unlike term insurance, it is 100% guaranteed to pay out to your designated beneficiaries, as long as the policy remains in-force. This guarantees that no matter the age at death, spousal and family financial protection is part of your life. In addition, generational wealth can be achieved in your family and/or transferred to other people and causes that are important to you. Your beneficiaries will receive the proceeds of your policy that can be used to pay off debts like a mortgage or credit cards. It also allows you to have confidence to live your best life, knowing that your funeral expenses will be taken care of and that your passing will not be a financial burden on your family. MPI® is designed as an Increasing Death Benefit meaning your beneficiaries will receive both your cash value & your life insurance combined. Various financial influencers suggest you only get either the cash value or life insurance but with MPI®, your beneficiaries will receive both. 


They also suggest permanent insurance is “expensive” and advise to “buy term, invest the rest” as a more cost-effective strategy. However, that philosophy is also falsely premised on the condition that by the time someone is 65, they are self-insured (meaning you have sufficient savings to cover any and all expenses as well as leaving the legacy you want). Few actually fall into a category of financial prosperity at death, much less during life and this is the reason permanent insurance is one of the most value assets you can have to guarantee your best future and that of your family.

MPI® has a feature called Living Benefits. If you were to get sick with a chronic or terminal illness, you can withdraw an advance on your life insurance to pay for qualified medical expenses. This amount can equal up to 80% of your life Insurance amount, up to $1,000,000 (this amount varies by insurance company). This protects you and your family from financial devastation stemming from certain health issues and terminal illnesses. Inside the MPI® plan, no matter your income level, were you to become this ill, you would have access to this benefit to cover excessive medical bills, without the risk of financial ruin that many currently face.
MPI® is designed with the intent of keeping net expenses as low as possible. Lower net expenses mean more money in Secure Growth, increased MPI® Match benefits, and an accelerated compounding effect on your retirement plan. The MPI® life insurance design is called a Max-Funded, Option B (increasing death benefit), which is not like the other “expensive” plans you have heard about. This choice removes most of the up-front expenses of traditional Cash Value Life Insurance plans providing the best path to Compound Interest. MPI® is a front-loaded cost system. This means that while it costs more in the early years than a traditional managed retirement plan that charges a 1% fee off of your account value (also known as Compounding Fees), MPI® fees taper off and become almost non-existent. In a 1% fee managed plan, the expenses accelerate as your account grows even though the advisor is providing the exact same service. MPI® can be as little as 1/25th the total expenses of a managed 401(k) over the life of your financial plan. As an example, a 25-year-old male starting a plan and putting in $10k per year, here is the side by side how MPI® expenses are charged vs the traditional Compounding Expenses. As you can see in this illustration, MPI® cost more in the beginning to get set up but as time goes on, the Compounding fees begin to accelerate and catch MPI®. By year 10, MPI® tends to be less total expenses and in your lifetime, there can be a difference in total fees of nearly $600k!  Fees matter and understanding Front-load vs Compounding fees can provide $100,000’s of more dollars Compounding for you and available to enhance your retirement income!

MPI® is based on tax-code §7702(a). Although §401(k) offers great immediate tax advantages, further research indicates that §7702(a) provides even better tax advantages for tax-free retirement income, long-term wealth accumulation and legacy planning. MPI® is a post-tax system (as is the Roth IRA) meaning funding is from money on which you’ve already paid tax. Because funding is with post-tax dollars, the code allows all MPI® distributions and retirement income to be 100% tax-free, free from capital gains tax on all the compounding growth of your money, and tax-free transfer to your beneficiary. MPI® is built to protect yourself from future increases in income taxes that you are exposed to with a 401k and IRA. At present, this is the most tax efficient vehicle for long-term Compounding, retirement income, and Legacy Planning.

Lawsuits can devastate business owners and individuals alike. MPI® is one of the most legislatively protected assets from lawsuits, liens, creditors or judgements. Though state-law governs insurance, most provide legislative protection, making it difficult to sue a life insurance plan. The threat of a lawsuit is always a risk in life because what took years to build could be taken in the blink of an eye. Protecting your future self from all threats is always a focus of all MPI™ Plans.
Accessibility to your money in case of emergency or desire for early retirement is a feature that sets MPI® apart from most other retirement plans. MPI® has no access penalty of your cash value, at any age for any reason! MPI® has no restrictions for retirement income or distributions. Retirement day is the day you decide and has nothing to do with an arbitrary age or formula. This is quite unlike a §401(k), IRA, or pension, all of which have restrictions, limitations, and penalties to access retirement funds before age 59 1⁄2 (or another age by formula, tax-code condition, etc.), adding a 10% penalty to any distribution taken. MPI® has no such strings attached to your money. Your MPI® Plan can also serve as your “Emergency Money” while still Compounding. Little benefits, such as liquidity and accessibility, can snowball into great Compounding benefits. No access penalty or restrictions allow for you to retire at the age you want according to your goals.
MPI® is built inside the security and guarantees of Cash Value Life Insurance. MPI® has a guaranteed “Security Lever”, a feature we call the 0% Floor, to ensure your hard money is protected from market volatility. This “Security Lever” freezes your account value at it’s highest point whenever the market begins to lose. The 0% Floor is a contractual guarantee by an A+ Rate life insurance company, that during a market downturn of any magnitude, you will NEVER earn less than 0% and when the market begins to rebound, you start to grow from that point on.  There is no need to “Rebound” inside of MPI®. In the best-selling book Everyone Ends Up Poor™ (the first book to introduce the structure of MPI®), the 0% Floor is called the Ultimate Feature because without this guaranteed security, Compound Interest cannot be optimized, Compound Cycles will be delayed in any downturns, and the NET result in your lifetime could be millions of dollars less. Many have experienced the loss of money and time to “recover” after a market downturn, losing years of valuable time and Compound Growth potential, and time is the one asset you can never get back!

Secure Compound Interest!!! Not only does MPI® have the guaranteed security of the 0% Floor, but also a “Growth Lever” to maximize your hard-earned savings. Compound Interest is money making money making money and to do it securely provides everyone with the opportunity to achieve wealth.  In order to achieve Secure Compound Growth, the risk of losing money must be eliminated, which is accomplished with the Security Lever mentioned above. In order to Compound your money, MPI® receives interest credited off the S&P500 up to a maximum cap of around 10-15% historically. This method of retirement planning focuses on maximizing singles and doubles, constantly moving forward and winning on Compounding rather than going for the home run/ strike out method of traditional investing. Focusing on protecting AND growing Compound Interest will outperform home runs and strikeouts over a long period of time.

Throughout the past fifteen years of tremendous volatility, the 0% Floor Security and credits off the S&P 500 with a cap method has outperformed the majority of other financial plans built inside the stock market rollercoaster. Many advisors caution to “watch out for Floor/ Ceiling systems” because “you might miss out on the home run of the stock market.” They are correct, yet that is merely one chapter in a long novel of retirement planning. As mentioned, slow, steady, and secure is the path to optimizing Secure Compound Interest because MPI® never takes losses due to market volatility while having the potential of growing similar to stock market.

The MPI® Exclusive Match Program is the feature that sets MPI® apart from any other financial plan. The ability to produce Secure Leverage is the “X” factor, the 3rd Lever, that only exists within MPI®. Through the MPI® Match Program, a collateralized line of credit offered by the life insurance company, you can increase the amount of money earning Compound Interest in your behalf. Unlike the traditional 401k match that invests more money into a risk-based system, the MPI® match focuses on the more important thing… Accelerating Compound Interest. Life insurance companies allow for you to use their cash at a low rate of 4% right now (with a maximum cap of 6%), making it possible to accelerate your Compound Interest. By using OPM (other People’s Money) to accelerate your Secure Compound Account, your dream retirement can be achieved years or even decades quicker! Traditionally, the best Secure Compound Account inside of insurance can earn around 7% interest on average. Through the addition of the MPI® Match program, you can increase your returns from around a conservative 7% to up to 15% as the Match matures over time. More money in a Secure Compound System is the best way to achieve the benefits of Compound Interest! The MPI® Match Program is a permanent loan inside your account, meaning it does not need to be paid back until you pass away. The MPI® Match Program doesn’t require a credit check, origination fees, commissions to be paid, etc. Because this loan guarantees the low rate and the MPI® strategy has produced an average of around 7% over the last 15 years, the additional capital can be used to accelerate your Compound Interest Growth.
What can an MPI® Secure Compound Account provide your life? Financial freedom and abundance for you and your family! Secure Retirement Income provides the ability to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want. When all these features work together, you optimize your retirement income significantly,  allowing you to achieve the retirement you’ve always wanted. Compared to the traditional 4% Rule of retirement found in the 401k and IRA, MPI® can produce up to 15% income as it matures with time. This is your life and money; MPI® not only protects, grows and accelerates your future, but allows you to do it on your terms. Retirement is what you decide it’s going to be rather than defaulting to what you can afford. MPI®, built on maximum efficiency of your money and hard work, empowers you to achieve the financial and personal freedom you’ve always wanted!