8 MPI™ Financial Plans

All MPI® Secure Compound Interest Accounts™ are designed inside of an enhanced life insurance contract. Through built-in security, growth potential tied to the stock market, and the MPI® Match Program, MPI® plans are for anyone looking to build their best future and achieve their financial goals. The MPI® plans have various benefits including permanent life insurance, living benefits, lowest legal expenses, tax-free distributions at any age for any reason with no penalties, legal protections against liens, lawsuits, and creditors, security against market volatility, and enhanced growth potential through the exclusive MPI® Match Program.  When all these benefits work together, secure distributions can be increased significantly over other mainstream financial strategies.
The MPI® Traditional Plan is for those looking to achieve an abundant retirement in 15-30 years. A successful plan typically requires a commitment of 5-20% of your income to achieve the retirement of your dreams at any age without restrictions
The MPI® Accelerated Plan is for those looking to achieve an abundant retirement in 3-14 years. The Accelerated Plan is achieved with a lump sum contribution plus a % of your income so you can achieve the retirement of your dreams in a shorter amount of time.
The MPI® Children’s Plan is for those looking to establish a future of financial security and abundance for their kids. Typically it requires a commitment of around $100 monthly and not only provides for long-term retirement planning but also can be used for college, wedding expenses, and other lifetime important events without access restrictions or penalties.
The MPI® Legacy Plan is for those looking to maximize retirement income now and build a Legacy of wealth transfer to their beneficiaries simultaneously. The MPI® Legacy Plan is typically designed for people who cannot qualify for their own MPI® Plan due age or health limitations. MPI® Legacy performs best with a lump sum from existing assets and additional future contributions if possible to maximize retirement income for the retiree and enhance Legacy inheritance to the beneficiary.
The MPI® Whole Life Upgrade Plan is designed for those looking to upgrade their current cash value life insurance contracts. The MPI® Whole Life Upgrade takes the outdated contracts and provides additional features and benefits for enhanced results. MPI® can upgrade all insurance plans including Whole Life (Infinite Banking/ Bank on Yourself), Indexed Universal Life, Variable Universal Life, and Annuities.
The MPI® Mortgage Retirement Plan is designed to assist homeowners to maximize their Compound Interest potential by focusing on converting 15 year mortgages to a more efficient strategy of 30 year mortgage + the MPI® Secure Compound Interest Account. By taking the difference in payment from a 15 to a 30 year mortgage, an individual can build a 7-figure nest-egg and abundant retirement income with no additional money out of pocket.  For individuals with a current mortgage over the age of 62, the MPI® Reverse Mortgage Retirement can be a solution to optimize their best future.
The MPI® Business Protection Plan is designed for business owners / entrepreneurs looking to build a security net when they may be in need of liquidity in the future. This is achieved through secure compounding funds with accessibility to cash value while also increasing the profitability of the company.  The MPI® Business Protection plan suggests 25-50% of all company net profits go to their MPI® Compound Account for security, growth, liquidity needs and emergency funds.
The MPI® Accelerated Finance Plan uses third-party financing from a bank providing up to 90% of contributions as additional fuel to compounding interest. Clients with a net worth of $5,000,000 or higher are well qualified to consider this highly customized MPI® Plan.