Curtis Ray – Pay Yourself First!

Generational Wealth is truly available to anyone who really wants it.

This week we sit down with Curtis Ray (@iamcurtisray), author of “Everyone Ends Up Poor” and we talk about MONEY!!

As PT Barnum once said, “Money is a terrible master, but is an excellent servant”. Curtis developed, designed, and implemented the Maximum Premium Index (MPI) financial strategy. Curtis is a serial entrepreneur, having an athletic career cut short only to realize that a conventional education wasn’t for him, he struck out on his own. Along the way, he began a ferocious journey into learning finance and discovered many holes in the guidance given by financial planners.

Of those various holes, one of the biggest being the typical conversation about making money. Curtis simply asked the question, “Why isn’t anyone talking about keeping the money we are so adamant about making?”

We’re going to find the answer to that question and figure out why everyone ends up poor!!

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to empower your journey!!!

– Jeff Thornton (@iamjeffthornton) & Mycal Anders (@coachderz)

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