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Compound Interests tells us, security first, then go grow the money, to get the maximum result.


Is it possible for a home owner to access the equity they’ve built up in their home? Can a home owner get funding from their home without a bank? What is a home equity agreement and how does it differ from a reverse mortgage? Can you sell your home if you have a home equity agreement? Jordan Goodman talks with Matthew Sullivan, founder and CEO of QuantmRE, about the power behind home equity agreements and how home owners and investors both benefit. In the second half of the show Goodman talks with Curtis Ray, founder and CEO of SunCor, about what MPI and Indexed Life Insurance can do for investors. Ray and Goodman discuss the biggest mistake people make when using Indexed Life as an investment tool, the differences between MPI and Indexed Life, and who would do best with using MPI and or Indexed Life. Goodman and Ray also talk about the best and the worst retirement advice and Ray’s new book, ‘The Lost Science of Compound Interest.’

Guest #1: Matthew Sullivan

Bio:  Matthew is the founder and full-time chief executive officer of QuantmRE. A serial entrepreneur, he is the founder of Crowdventure.com and co-founder of two real estate funds. He spent a number of years working alongside Richard Branson and the Virgin corporate finance team in London, UK, where he was appointed a director and Trustee of Virgin’s London Air Ambulance. Matthew went to Westminster School in London and studied Law at Birmingham University before pursuing a career in finance and stockbroking. In 1997 he chose an entrepreneurial path and founded Europe’s first internet billing application service provider. Since then he has founded and led companies in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States in the finance, telecommunications, technology and real estate sectors. Now living in Orange County, California, Matthew is the author of ‘Head First – A Roadmap for Entrepreneurs’, host of the ‘Hooked on Startups’ podcast, and holds a private helicopter pilot’s license.

Url: https://www.quantmre.com/

Guest #2: Curtis Ray

Bio: Curtis Ray founded SunCor Financial, LLC and serves as the President and CEO.  Through years of research, Curtis observed that the traditional investment strategies of the 401(k), IRA, Real Estate, and Insurance were not living up to the promises and expectations people were hoping for in retirement. By bringing awareness about the 5 Rules of Wealth, Curtis is helping hardworking people maximize retirement income through discipline, secure leverage, and achieving Exponential Growth. He designed and developed the patent-pending MPI™ Strategy (Maximum Premium Indexing) to accomplish all 5 Rules of Wealth simultaneously and increasing retirement income by up to 400%. Throughout his life, Curtis has been a serial entrepreneur and inventor.  Curtis lives in Gilbert, Arizona and is married to Erin Ray; they have five beautiful children: Cayden, Caliann, Brody, Lexi, and Kenzie. Curtis is an avid world traveler seeking all that the world has to offer while experiencing other cultures and history.

Url:  https://mympi.com/

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